Boatright Companies is a direct seller for all types and makes of new and rebuilt HiRail equipment.

New HiRail Equipment

Boatright Companies stocks new HiRail equipment from all the major manufacturers. We also specialize in the essential mounting components needed to outfit your equipment for years of trouble-free, on-rail service.

Rebuilt Rail-Gear Equipment

Additionally, we sell re-built HiRail equipment. Each unit brought to Boatright is disassembled, all worn parts are replaced and the repaired unit is bench-tested to ensure the utmost in quality and value.

Rebuilt Rail-Gear Wheels

Our scope of services also includes the rebuilding of all types, sizes and makes of HiRail equipment wheels. The Boatright Rail-Gear brands we manufacture are of exceptional quality and are available at a fraction of the cost when compared to national brands. In addition, clients can enroll in the Rebuilt Rail-Gear Wheel Exchange Program for money-saving value and opportunities to upgrade equipment.


Boatright Companies outfits 3/4-ton trucks right up to tandem axles. We specialize in Rotary Dumps, Prentice Loaders and many variations of on-rail equipment.

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Boatright is proud to be the exclusive distributor to the U.S. Shortline Railroads of the new DMF RW1013 HYDRAULIC RAIL-GEAR KIT.

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